Virtually every day I experience something new, whether I’m just walking down the road, visiting a neighborhood sari-sari store or strolling downtown along the beautiful Rizal Boulevard.  The following list (in no particular order) is an ongoing project, as I will be adding new “firsts” as I encounter them:

1.     Five people (including infants) riding on one motorbike… without helmets

2.     Caribou (cows), pigs and chickens roaming freely on the street

3.     Experiencing my first earthquake

4.     Caribou and pigs being walked along the beach

5.     A dog on the lap of someone driving a motorcycle; chickens under the arms of men riding motorcycles; pigs carried on motorcycles

6.     A woman balancing two birthday cakes — one in each hand — while riding on the back of a motorcycle

7.    A man stopping by our house — every day — offering live crab and shrimp, as well as fresh-caught fish and squid for sale by the kilo.  Using a handheld measure, he hangs a plastic bag onto the hook  and proudly displays the weight to us before our purchase.

8.   Squealing pigs riding in a sidecar of a motorbike traveling through the heart of the city

9.   Watching a double-decker truck (packed with pigs on the top level, goats on the bottom) almost tip over as it made its way around a the corner of a skinny dirt road (right outside my front door)




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